How do I contact you if I need help?

Our team of friendly staffers is here to assist you via email @ [email protected] or via Contact form at the footer of this page.

Do I have to pay for the membership?

Absolutely not! It is free of charge and we encourage sharing our site with others. Registering for membership is easy and is not time consuming.

What is the minimum age requirement to join

You must be 18 years of age to join our website. If you are at least 13, but are still a minor (this depends on where you live), you must have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to use The Film Warriors Service. Please read the Agreement together with your child, if your child is a minor and is allowed to join our website services.

If I notice unauthorised access to my account, what should I do?

Unauthorised access to your account can occur if you are sharing your computer with others. You must log out each time you sign in on our website. If you observe any unauthorised access to your account, change the password and notify us.

What types of Films do you feature?

The Film Warriors features all types of films – from full feature films to short films, documentaries, interviews, web series, and much more, we are open to any type of filmmaking. This way, our audience gets to enjoy filmmaking creativity in all forms, enjoying and watching is what matters to us. Additionally, by featuring all kinds of films, we are giving more and more opportunities to filmmakers. As long as the content they have is creative, we can distribute it for them – and it doesn’t even matter if your film is made with little resources. With The Film Warriors, good content and art is what matters to us the most.

Can I submit a film on your site?

You are most welcome to submit any type of film to us. For more details, please contact us via “Submit Your Film” form at the footer of this page.