About Us

We prioritize filmmaking creativity and freedom above all.

Welcome to The Film Warriors, a film distribution platform and filmmakers’ community to showcase films and stimulate experience sharing. We believe in freedom when it comes to creating films because filmmaking is an art and art should never come with restraints. The result of our free and creative approach is films that are remarkably different and created with less resources – and we love bringing such films to you.

The Film Warriors features all types of films – from full feature films to short films, documentaries, interviews, web series, and much more, we are open to any type of filmmaking. This way, our audience gets to enjoy filmmaking creativity in all forms, enjoying and watching what they prefer. Additionally, by featuring all kinds of films, we are giving more and more opportunities to filmmakers. As long as the content they have is creative, we can distribute it for them – and it doesn’t even matter if your film is made with little resources. With The Film Warriors, good content and art is what matters above all!